Poise Brands | Liza Marie Prinsloo
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Liza Marie Prinsloo

Training Co-ordinator


“I have three big dreams for my life and that is to be totally content with myself and have complete inner peace, to be successful and to have financial stability and to truly make a change in someone’s life.”

 My hair has been most colours from blonde, brown, black, red and even purple! I love changing my hair styles as the seasons change!

My most loved colour is green and I find green the most grounding and peaceful of all colours.

My favourite flower is frangipani. They are associated with femininity, ruled by Venus, its element is water, and its power is love, loyalty and strength.

Dramatic Arts is a passion that I had and throughout high school I wanted to study Drama further and become an actress. “Acting is behaving truthfully in an imaginary world.”