Poise Brands | Affiliate Marketing
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Poise Brands Affiliate Marketing

Program benefits


Earn commission for sales generated by your customers.

Have access to all our exceptional brands.

Risk free way of testing the market before carrying stock in your store.

 No more cash tied up in stock, no more concerns about space, theft and investing in brands that may not work.

Easy to sign up


Simply click on the button below and follow the step by step process to create your own personalised affiliate link and start making sales.


 What happens after sign up?


We send you a simple terms and conditions agreement to sign. As soon as we get it back we approve your affiliate account and send you all the needed artwork to get you started, you just need to contact your web developer to add your artwork and links to your website.

How we will support you


We will send you quarterly artwork aligned with our brand identities, this will include artwork for your website, social pages and in-store activation to let your clients know you now sell online.

We will run strategic digital initiatives on all our social media pages, share and link this to your pages and get sales for minimal work done.

If you don’t have a website developer that can assist you with updating your website and managing your social media accounts, you can contact Big Bite Consulting that will do this for you.

Not convinced yet?


Send us a message and we will give you call and chat about it.